Thursday, December 5, 2013

Becoming a Photopainter

I have been thinking about what I should call my new art work style.
Since it combines photography and oil painting I think "Photopainting"
would work.

So, I could use "Photopaint" to describe the process of creating a
"Photopainting".Now, through most of my money-making years I have been
a carpenter. So, in this new era of my life I shall become a "Photopainter".

Of course, I realize that I am much more than a mere carpenter or a
photopainter. I am actually a divine spirit of the cosmos temporarily
occupying a human form. And on this level of thought simply "to Be" is all
that is necessary for happiness and fulfillment. Unfortunately, I also must
continue to sustain this "human form" by supplying it with food and shelter.
So, this brings me back to the mundane process of "money-making".

I have never had much success in saving money. I pretty much have
simply worked for wages. And as I have worked, I never really gave much
importance to the idea of "Retirement". Living for the moment with no real
thought for the future always seemed the best approach. And, I must say,
there are many advantages in thinking this way, especially when I was in
my 20's, 30's, 40's, and even my 50's.

Lately, this approach to life has been far from perfect. Now that I have
reached my 64th year I have been thinking of other lifestyles that I would
have never even considered in the past. This brings me back to my
transformation to a photopainter.

Now, in my new "Life Vision", instead of getting up in the morning and
preparing to go out in the world with my carpentry tools and thoughts of how
to solve the specific problems of the current building project, I see this
process changing fundamentally.

As a newly transformed photopainter I have a much more creative
approach to my day. I will do my morning meditation, my stretching
exercises,and then proceed to my daily morning walk. On my walk,
I will think about which photograph will become my next project.
I will consider the last photopainting and which techniques and color
patterns that I have found that appeals to my most creative thoughts
and actions. I will also factor in my customer base and if their are
any pending orders that need to be finished before starting on any new
projects. After deciding on my focus for the day,I will walk back to
my studio and create my next masterpiece.

I am writing these thoughts as a way of promoting my new
"Photopainting Business".In order for this "Transformation" to occur
I will need help from as many new customers that I can find.
I firmly believe that not only is this new life-style
possible for me, but it will also become an inspirational
story for anybody who desires a transformation in their life.

Considering the temperature this morning here in Sonoma County
at 30 degrees, I thought it appropriate for me to display one
of my 2012 photopaintings that I have named "Cascade Lake".
I took the photograph several years ago in February from the
Emerald Bay Highway in the Lake Tahoe basin. I hope you enjoy it.

I would greatly appreciate any questions or comments
you may have on this topic.

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous. May you have much success in your new endeavor.