Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Power Lead System

In my "Organization Statement" for Ice Clear Connections, I state that ; "Ice Clear Connections will become a useful resource for anyone searching for more happiness and prosperity in their lives".

Well folks, I firmly believe with all of my heart, that my new relationship with the people of the Power Lead System will greatly accelerate my ability to fulfill this goal.

It is only my third day of membership, and I already have learned some very powerful ways to promote my business from a great training video created my Max Steingart.

Many years ago, I was a distributor in a Network Marketing company called NuSkin, located in Provo, Utah.At that time I was taught that the best way to grow my business was to contact all of my friends and family and tell them about my new business.

I intuitively knew, even back then, that if I had discovered how to find new friends on the internet, I would have greatly increased my chances for success. I am convinced that if I had the ability to use Max Steingart's approach to discovering new leads, I would have been wildly successful.

Please visit my website, Power Lead System, to learn more about this great business opportunity. Simply enter your first name and your e-mail address and start the "Free Trial".

As always, I will greatly appreciate any questions or comments you may have.

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