Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tell Your Story

When I first became a member of Wealthy Affiliates, I was involved
with a network marketing company called Pro Builder Plus. I wasn't
having any success enrolling any new members, so I was doing a
Google search for help. My keywords were; "Pro Builder Plus". I think
it was the third natural search result on page one that caught my eye,
so I clicked on it. The author of the page that I was directed to told a
story about his failure with Pro Builder Plus that sounded alot like my

It was mostly because of this similarity of stories that I followed his
link to the Wealthy Affiliate site and signed up right away. This same
situation probably goes on alot in the internet marketing business
these days, because people are constantly searching for help and
have no real idea who they should get it from.

I have been studying my eight-week course with WA for about six
weeks now. And, I can safely say that the information that I have
learned is some very valuable stuff. I now know how to sign up
for affiliate programs, how to do keyword research, I have discovered
Squidoo and EzineArticles, and I am learning about opt-in pages
and the value of creating a mailing list. However, I sill haven't made
any sales. This is probably not unusually because I am pretty sure
that it simply takes some time to put it all together.

So, I am starting to see that one of the most important aspects of
this "learning curve" that I am on is creating a "relevant" landing page.
For me, the one that brought me to this Wealthy Affiliate community
was the most relevant that I have seen.

By telling his story, that Wealthy Affiliate member, ( who, by the way,
I would really like to communicate with ), convinced me almost
instantly that there was some value in joining. In the same way, by
telling an authentic and truthful story, I am pretty sure that I will gain
acceptance and some success in these critical beginning stages of
my Internet Marketing journey.

If this has been helpful to anyone, please let me know by responding
to this post or, even better, clicking on my

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link and downloading my travel guide E-book.

Thanks in advance for your help.