Saturday, February 18, 2012

Cascade Lake

Cascade Lake is one of my favorite lakes in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

There is a road between Emerald Bay and the Lake that I
visit every time I am up there.

It is perfect for photographing both the Emerald Bay area and
Mount Tallac above the Lake.

My latest Art Work features a frozen Cascade Lake.

I hope you enjoy it and, as always, please feel free to
contact me for any questions or comments you may have.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mount Tallac Artwork

I thought I would share two more of my artworks with you today.

The first one is called: Mount Tallac I

The second one took a while to finish because I was trying something
new,so I painted it over several times.
Part of the thing that I really enjoy about this
is that there is no right or wrong way to do this.
Every new work is totally experimental.
Also, I am having so much fun that I am less concerned
about the finished result than the learning
that I gain from each new piece.

I call this one, Taylor Creek Meadows II

As always, any comments or questions you may have are greatly appreciated.

My new Creative Adventure

I was just looking back on my old posts on this site.
My first one was December13,2008.

My theme throughout these last 3 plus years has been
mostly about doing things that I enjoy. Photography,
music, hiking in the High Sierra, and just driving in the
mountains, listening to the stereo.

I have now discovered a new interest. It combines my
old love for photography and a new interest, painting.
Here is a sample of my most recent work. I call it:

Lake Tahoe Sunrise VI

I have named all of these new creations with a roman
numeral. They are:

Mount Tallac I
TaylorCreek Meadow II
Duck on Taylor Creek III
Emerald Bay IV
Sonoma Mountain Sunset V
Lake Tahoe Sunrise VI

I am having so much fun creating these art works. My next
one will have a photograph of Cascade Lake as the print,
and with the colors primarily Red and Blue.

Someday, I hope to sell these works in my own gallery.
And, it would be great to be a part of a larger art community
where other aspiring artists can display and sell their works
as well.

To be involved in a creative venture every day and actually
make a good living doing it, has always been my fondest dream
in life. These first "Landscape Art Works" are my humble beginnings
to achieve this life long goal.