Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Pure Art

Great art is like all creative processes. It must originate from the
spirit within. To work at and practice meditation is similar. Any other
attempt to create art without this basic foundation is fruitless.

When I have done my best work, the time passes very quickly. I am
completely immersed in the project at hand. It is almost like I am only
a small part in the creation, I only provide the most basic tools, everything
else is done for me. I am an empty vessel that the magic waters of
the creative universe fills.

As an artist, my ultimate desire is to enter into this wondrous state as
frequently as possible. And, in many ways, everything I do is directed
towards being and becoming this wonder.

Not long ago, I was given a birthday present. It was a very inciteful book
entitled, "The Gift" by Lewis Hyde. It is partly an historic account of the
nature of gift giving. The author provides references to many ancient
cultures who used the acts of gift-giving to promote and sustain the
community from within.

The nature of pure art is best described as a gift from the universe. It is
given to the artist who can enter into this "state of wonder" thereby allowing
natural forces to take over in it's creation.

I have recently been attempting to create high quality oil paintings that
surround photographic prints on canvas. I am becoming increasingly
addicted to the process involved in their creations. In fact, at this point
of my life of 64 years, I can easily say that this activity is beginning to
transform me. It is almost like all of my years before has simply been a
curious wandering around of events and cicumstances that has finally
led me to this transformative time. I am very grateful for this realization.

Below, I have included an image of one of my latest creations. I call it,
"Lichau Road Sunset X".

I would deeply appreciate any questions or comments you may have.
Thank you for your time.

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